Care assistants are also known as care workers. They fulfil a vital role and usually work in residential homes. They work with people of all ages and abilities.

Care assistants have a variety of duties focused on helping people who have difficulties undertaking their day-to-day living activities.

This includes washing, dressing, cooking and looking after their home. Care assistants will also keep an eye on medical conditions and will also carry out health checks, such as taking a temperature.

To be a care assistant, you need to have the ability to relate to people from different backgrounds and cultures and be sensitive to their needs. Enjoying helping people, helping them maintain their independence and improving their lives, is what this job is all about.


A level 2 intermediate diploma, or apprenticeship in health and social care, is desirable for a care worker. But is not always essential, as they may be given the opportunity to progress towards their qualification whilst working.

Diplomas are the current qualifications in health and social care, which have replaced NVQs, but some workers still hold NVQs which are still valid. In the case of a care worker, they may hold a level 2 NVQ.