A care home assistant manager supports the work of the care home manager.

They step up to take charge of the care home, and ensure its smooth running, during the care home manager’s absence.

Having contact with resident’s family members and other care professionals is a large part of this role, and they must ensure all the national rules and policies are followed correctly.

Assistant managers are responsible for overseeing much of the home’s administrative tasks. This could include anything from getting a bill paid to organising for repairs to be made to the home. Other areas include sorting out and running staff shifts and schedules and financial tasks, such as payroll and accounts.

As an important member of the home’s management team, duties are varied and busy, with career progression to a care home manager.



At this senior management level, most care home managers would be qualified - or working towards - their higher level 5 diploma in leadership for health and social care.

Diplomas are the current qualifications in health and social care, which have replaced NVQs, but some workers still hold NVQs which are still valid.