Home care managers are responsible for managing care for people who want to be looked after in their own homes. They are sometimes referred to as domiciliary managers.

They can work for public or private organisations and are responsible for a team of care workers who will carry out the day-to-day care tasks for people.

The home care manager has overall responsibility for running a service in a particular area and they will liaise with a number of other care professionals in course of their work.



At this senior management level, most home care managers would be qualified - or working towards - their higher level 5 diploma in leadership for health and social care.

Diplomas are the current qualifications in health and social care, which have replaced NVQs, but some workers still hold NVQs which are still valid.

In some cases, a Home care manager may previously have worked as a qualified nurse or other health professional, and may hold a degree which can be converted to the appropriate health and social care qualification.