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Care Team Manager

Cephas Care Ltd


25000 - 30000

Full time

Cephas Care Ltd

Closing - 30 Jul 2021

MSET Care Team Manager

Salary: £24,511 – £27,166

40 hours per week

This is an exciting new post, and your chance to lead a brand-new team here at Cephas!

We are looking for a Team Manager here at Cephas Care, in order to provide the best possible service for our customers we are creating a new team MSETT which stands for Multi-Site Enhanced Trained Team.

As the Manager of the MSET team you will play a key role in managing the workload and utilisation of the team, working alongside the Care Management team you will identify where the MSET team are deployed and set parameters around their usage and times they will be deployed and work on solutions as their deployment is seen as a time limited deployment.

The team you will lead will undergo a higher level of training than normal support workers and can be deployed into locations for several reasons including, staff shortages, where placements are having breakdowns or to any situation which the Senior Management feel needs support. These placements are time limited to allow new staff to be employed or until the situation has been resolved. Locations could be anywhere across Suffolk or Norfolk, with workers employed in locations that are within the area in which we work, so workers employed in Norfolk would cover Norfolk locations and the same for people employed in Suffolk.

About Cephas Care:

Cephas Care is committed to delivering effective, efficient services that offer high-quality, person-centred care and the best quality support based on hours commissioned. We embrace the use of digital, technology and innovation, delivering a higher quality service to people using our services, by getting it right from the start.

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