“Care Careers Suffolk has been invaluable to our organisations in support, guidance and opportunities for new staff, apprenticeships and work placements. They are open, helpful and quick to respond to queries and questions. They have worked brilliantly, using their knowledge of the care sector to pre-interview and ensure individuals are ready for work.”

Ruth Daynes, Learning and Development Coordinator, Leading Lives

“I have been hugely impressed by the whole process, from the calibre of apprentices to the amount of support that we have received from Care Careers Suffolk.

“I would not hesitate to recommend anyone either becoming an apprentice or taking on one.”

Kate Sears, Team Leader, Leading Lives

“We have had two apprentices. They have begun with signs of potential to be excellent care workers and have proved very successful placements, as we have watched them progress to be professional and capable members of the staff team. Congratulations go to you for spotting their potential.”

Gill Bosley, Day Services Lead Manager, Age UK Suffolk

“I would thoroughly recommend this scheme. The careful and thoughtful placement of the correct student into the appropriate setting can springboard them into a career which may otherwise have been denied them.”

Trudi Glass, Deputy Manager, Stow Care, Woodfield Court

“We are very happy with our learner. She is an excellent example of what a carer should be. She may not have had the opportunity to get into care if we hadn’t taken her on at the home. The process was quick, easy and efficient.”

Rebecca Alcock, Senior Team Leader, Bethesda Eventide Homes

“Care Careers Suffolk information and support is extremely user-friendly. We have added the link to the Academy website to the Care Careers Suffolk website careers page.

“Staff who have supported our events have been professional and approachable and have always provided some much-needed support in the area of health and social care.”

Lil Atkinson, Careers Adviser, Westbourne Academy, Ipswich

“A stunning level of service and communication – highly proactive and productive.”

Jean Wheeler, Assistant Principal, Thurston Community College

“Care Careers Suffolk identified that my daughter would be very good at working in day services with Age UK as an apprentice. It was an opportunity I would not have been able to find for her on my own. She really enjoys the work, and I am absolutely sure this was the perfect place for her to be.

“Care Careers Suffolk was able to identify my daughter’s skills and place these in the best work scenario.”


“I would highly recommend the service as it’s been a massive help in my career. The support from the service is amazing.

“I have gained so many skills and I hope now to progress to a full time role.”

Chloe Peacock, Apprentice, Leading Lives

“I am extremely happy with the service provided from Care Careers Suffolk because when I left college I was unsure what I wanted to do. I have now secured a care role I really enjoy.”

Kate Gormer, Apprentice, Stow Care, Woodfield Court

“Care Careers Suffolk was brilliant. I said what I wanted to do, and how far I could travel in order for them to help me find my perfect apprenticeship. It was quick and easy and I got all the support I needed with the process. They always kept in contact and never left me in the dark worrying about what was happening.

“I was impressed and would recommend Care Careers Suffolk to anyone who is looking for an apprenticeship in health and social care.”

Rebecca Cox, Apprentice, Leading Lives

“I feel that Care Careers Suffolk is great for young people wanting a career in the care industry. My experience has been lovely, and I feel very supported in my role as an apprentice.”

Kimberley Stewart, Apprentice, Age UK Suffolk

“I heard about Care Careers Suffolk through an apprenticeship fair. The communication and support is good and they get back to you straight away. I have had an amazing experience so far – experiencing the different areas of health and social care. It’s a start to help me to make decisions on what I want to do in the future.”

Gabrielle Pinnock, Rotational Apprentice, Ipswich Hospital/Leading Lives/Homefirst Suffolk County Council

Matthew Tyler, Apprentice, Leading Lives

mathew-tyler“I was studying IT at college but didn’t find it very rewarding, and decided I really wanted to do a more practical role helping people rather than sitting in a classroom.

Through volunteering at a learning disability service near to where I live, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

“During a careers fair at college I met the Project Coordinator from Care Careers Suffolk who gave me lots of advice and information on how to find an apprenticeship..

” I was able to access some pre apprenticeship training and then through their advice was able to find a suitable placement that was right for me. I did my work placement at Leading Lives and really enjoyed it, and was really pleased to be offered an apprenticeship.

I have found it to be a great way to interact with people, and it is a more practical, supported way of work, with ‘real world’ experiences. I hope that once I have finished my apprenticeship and gained some more practical experience I could progress to a more senior role.”


Matthew Tyler, Apprentice, Leading Lives


” I wanted to work in the care sector and train to support people with learning disabilities, but wasn’t sure how I could do it.  I originally attended college, but with advice from Care Careers Suffolk I was then able to progress on to an apprenticeship.

“I wanted to learn this way because it is a more practical way of gaining a qualification, instead of just reading and writing about it. I have learned a range of skills and knowledge by training on the job which has helped my confidence.

“My job is very varied and I support people with everyday living so they can live their lives how they want to. I also assist them with activities in the community such as going to the cinema and shopping, and attending appointments. I find it very rewarding and I definitely want to carry on with this type of  care work.” 

Jessica Townley, Apprentice, Orwell Housing Association

Megan“When I was at school, I did my work placement in a care home and knew straight away that’s what I wanted to do. Being able to help people and make a difference was very rewarding, and I really enjoyed working with older people.

“I wanted to learn alongside working. I felt that this would be more supportive and I would learn more about the sector I was working in.

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship because you have support around you and you don’t feel like you have been thrown in the deep end. I really enjoy doing hands-on care, and it’s a great way to get a qualification, practical experience, and earn at the same time. Once I have finished my apprenticeship, I want to continue working in care and eventually be a senior carer.”

Megan Cargill, Apprentice, The Partnership in Care

testimonial“The apprentices we have employed have made a really valuable contribution to the work of the Association.

I have been impressed by their many talents and positive attitude to all aspects of the work they have been given.”

Wendy Evans-Hendrick, Director of Property & Development Services, Orwell Housing Association

Sandie Oxborrow, Registered Manager, Baylham Care Centre, Cardinal Healthcare

testimonial“Care Careers Suffolk has supported me in my development of the Employer Social Care Commitment in the promotion of care careers to new staff.

I look for people who have a big heart and really want to make a difference, and Care Careers Suffolk really do establish a good rapport with Employers which enables them to recognise the sort of people that have the right values, attitudes and beliefs that most suit our organisation.

They have been excellent in engaging with cheerful, kind, considerate new people, that really want to develop and this has been a great additional resource for us”

Sandie Oxborrow, Registered Manager, Baylham Care Centre, Cardinal Healthcare

Cally Barker, Apprentice, Leading Lives

“The information you’ve given me and the support has been truly fantastic. I wouldn’t be where I am without your help. A lot of time young people think they need to go to university, but apprenticeships are routes they can go down – especially if they want to learn new skills.”

Cally Barker, Apprentice, Leading Lives

Jessica Jackson, Leading Lives


“I started my Health and Social Care Apprenticeship in 2015 on a Rotational programme. This programme was the first of its kind in Suffolk and meant I spent my training in different services, which in my case was working in the community, hospital and learning disabilities.

I enjoyed all parts of the rotation and with each one my confidence grew. I also gained a real insight in to the different areas within health and social care, and although I initially I thought I wanted to worth within a health setting and possibly nursing, as soon as I started my final placement in learning disabilities I knew that was where I wanted to work.  When I finished my apprenticeship I was offered a full time role at Leading Lives where I had undertaken my training in Learning Disabilities as part of my final rotation.

I am so glad that I had this experience and the opportunity to do a job where I can support people and make a real difference.  I am currently developing my skills further to gain a senior role and undertake more qualifications. I am not ruling out going in to nursing in the future, but at the moment I am really happy working in learning disabilities. The support from Care Careers Suffolk and the employers I have worked has been great and I am so glad that I was able to have this opportunity.”


Jessica Jackson, Leading Lives