The current adult social care apprenticeship framework consists of six components which cover a broad range of learning and development skills.

Each component can be taken at a different level – intermediate (level 2) advanced (level 3) and higher (level 5). Levels are linked to the requirements of a job role. Level 2 is an entry level - with level 3 for a senior worker, and level 5 a management level.

Each of the six components incorporate a vast array of units on different topics – such as dementia and learning disabilities - which can be taken at intermediate and advanced levels.

The important thing to remember is that individual’s previous qualifications will be taken into account when considering a care apprenticeship – as well as identifying any special training needs required to work in a particular area or role of adult social care.

From May 2017, Apprenticeship Frameworks will start to be replaced with Apprenticeship Standards.

To see what the new standards will look like, click here New Apprenticeship Roles and Training and Testing Needed

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