I’ll have to pay apprentices for lots of time off won't I?

Apprentices get the same statutory holiday entitlement as your other staff members. This is also the case for sickness leave and your company’s disciplinary procedure.

They'll have to go to college to study won't they?

An apprenticeship is work-based learning so normally there is no day release as part of this, however apprentices should be given appropriate time to meet with their tutor, undergo assessments and complete some of their study.

Can I pay them what I like?

This is true in a sense – but if your apprentice is aged 16 to 18 or 19+, and in the first year of their apprenticeship, they are entitled to get a minimum of £4.15 per hour.

If they are over 19, and have completed their first year of study, they will get at least the minimum wage for their age.

However, as an employer, you can choose to pay more if you want.

They can only work so many hours can't they?

Apprentices can be employed full-time or part-time so long as they work a minimum of 30 hours a week. Some can work up to 40 hours a week.

I can only take on an apprentice who is over 18.

This is a myth.

Despite a common perception that apprenticeships are only available to the over 18s, anyone aged 16 and above is eligible.

They won’t be able to work as part of the team.

An apprentice can be supernumerary or included in the normal rota of staff, as long as they have received the same level of training as any other member of staff, and assessed as competent.

They can’t do personal care if they are under 18.

Again, as long as they have received the correct training and support, they can perform personal care.

An apprenticeship can only be undertaken by a new member of staff.

Existing or new members of staff of any age can undertake an apprenticeship.