Everyone who works in care must have a DBS check – they used to be called a CRB check – and they are essentially a criminal records check.

DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service, and before you start a job or apprenticeship your potential employer will apply to the DBS for a criminal records check before you can work with vulnerable adults.

You cannot apply for a DBS check yourself, but once you have received your DBS check certificate you can then apply to the update service to make future checks easier and cheaper.

Some employers will pay for the check, and others may ask the potential employee to pay and reimburse them once they have worked for a certain amount of time.

We will pay for a DBS check if you are going to do a work placement before you work in care.

To find out what evidence you need to provide for your check and other important information please click on this link:

 Disclosure and Barring Service