Here's a chance to 'try before you buy' by offering a work placement

Finding the right person for the right job has never been easy. But here's a good way to find out if someone has potential - with no strings attached on both sides.

We can support you with advice and information to help you find people interested in taking up work placements. The idea is to see if they could be interested in a career in social care. They will work with you for a number of weeks, giving you a chance to see if they have the right skills and aptitude. 

Unlike apprenticeships - where training and form-filling are required - you will not have to do any of that. All you need is to find someone to support the individual on work placement, and to ensure you give them a good overview of roles within your setting. The bonus is they may turn out to be exceptionally good and interested in taking up an apprenticeship with you. 

A work placement gives you - and them - a chance to buy before you try.

Give our Project Manager a call on 01449 720400 to chat through your thoughts on a work placement or email