As the title suggests, a care home manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of a care home.

This could be a residential, nursing, or dementia care home – or, indeed, a home specialising in all three areas of care.

To succeed in this role, care home managers must have strong leadership, communications and management skills because they have to do all the decision-making.

The sorts of things they are responsible for include recruiting - retaining and managing staff and ensuring they are trained and effective in their roles – as well as managing budgets and financial resources within the care home.

Care home managers must ensure staff are meeting the needs of people using their services, and meeting the required national standards of care quality and safety.

Care home managers have varied duties to perform but, above all, they must lead by example.



At this senior management level, most care home managers would be qualified - or working towards - their higher level 5 diploma in leadership for health and social care.

Diplomas are the current qualifications in health and social care, which have replaced NVQs, but some workers still hold NVQs which are still valid.

In some cases, a Care home manager may previously have worked as a qualified nurse or other health professional, and may hold a degree which can be converted to the appropriate health and social care qualification.